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What are the differences between Fate and Destiny?

What Makes Destiny Different From Fate?

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What is Destiny?

• This word refers to events that are meant to happen in the future. However, you are capable of changing your own destiny.
• This word is often seen in subjects such as American Manifest Destiny and Calvinistic predestination.
• We, human beings may not have full control on the things that life dishes out on us but we can take course of actions for us to shape the kind of destiny that we want.
• We have everyday of our lives to set the destiny that is waiting for us in the future. Thus, we can take necessary steps in order for us to avoid certain misfortunes brought about by poor decision making.

What is Fate?

• This term refers to events that would still happen in your life even if you make a different set of decisions for these events are already meant to occur.
• It is something that was planned by someone who has divine powers.
• If you die unexpectedly, then it’s your fate. It’s not considered as a misfortune in this concept.
• If you suddenly become poor after being so rich, again this scenario is bound to happen in your life. Doing things differently could not stop this situation from happening to you. It’s something that’s inevitable and unchangeable.
• In mythology, mortals don’t have the power to contradict their fate. It is said to be dictated by supernatural powers. In fact, it is represented by 3 sisters: Atropos who is responsible for cutting the thread of life, Lachesis who measures its length and Clotho who spuns the thread of every mortal’s life. The Norse and Roman mythology also have their own versions of the 3 sisters. In Greek mythology, fate is represented by one entity alone and that is Moirae.

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