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What are the Reasons Behind Outie and Innie Belly Buttons?

Why do people have Outie and Innie Belly Buttons?

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According to medical statistics, 10 percent of the population of belly buttons is made of protruding ones while the remaining 90 percent belong to the innies. The reason for the existence of these two types of belly button remains unsolved by health professionals. However, the World Wide Web can provide you with theories that will surely get your attention.

Actually, the navel or belly button is the first scar that we have received from this world. It is common knowledge that the umbilical cord of a new born baby needs to be cut off after birth. The belly button or scar results from that action.

Some Facts about Belly Button Lint

• It is usually blue in color because of the dominance of blue fibers in most garments.
• They get less lint from above compared to below. Thus, there’s a great possibility that your shirt is not the one responsible for your lint. Blame your pants and underwear instead.

Theory No. 1

• Some people believe that abdominal hernia causes a baby to have an outie. The abdominal walls of a baby having this condition collapse due to weakness which results to a protruding belly button. However, a person can’t have hernia for life and a damaged tissue cannot primarily determine a belly button’s final form.

Theory No. 2

• Others say that it would all depend on how a doctor cuts off the umbilical cord. Actually, it’s almost impossible to manipulate the remaining tissue of the cord. It normally falls off and no one knows what belly button you are supposed to have.

Theory No. 3

• A protruding belly button is an effect of an abnormality in the baby’s genetic make up while an innie is considered as the normal form of a belly button. Take note that this statement is not yet approved by any scientist so don’t get offended if you have an outie.

It just depends on how it heals from the umbilical cord.

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