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How is IQ different From EQ?

What differentiates IQ versus EQ?

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What is IQ or Intelligence Quotient?

• It measures an individual’s capability to learn, comprehend and use the skills and knowledge that he or she has gained
• Skills in equations, grammar and logic are being defined with the use of a person’s IQ.
• IQ tests already existed in the 20th century. Thus, they are older than EQ tests.
• A standard IQ test is composed of questions that will determine the level for your IQ.
• Having a high IQ means that you are considered as more intelligent than others and you learn things in a faster manner.
• However, since academic matters are easy for you, you tend to get bored with simple concepts.
• Having a high IQ level might also lead you to have a low EQ level and interpersonal skills.
• IQ is not hard to measure compared to EQ.

What is EQ or Emotional Quotient?

• It determines how well a person detects what he or she is feeling and even that of others.
• It also refers to an individual’s relational skills and emotion management.
• Based on a few brain theories, having a high EQ lets you stay on top of emotional difficulties and it makes you more aware of your own feelings.
• A high EQ can also make you feel more confident about yourself.
• People with high EQs are expected to be better partners and well liked co workers.
• EQ tests were officially formulated during the 1990s.
• These tests don’t have standard scores for they deal with a person’s emotions.
• EQ tests are actually not accurate since an examinee can be informed beforehand of the kind of test that he or she would be taking. Thus, he or she will tend to answer what needs to be done in a situation and not how one would normally respond to the stimulus.

Is a person’s IQ really related to his or her EQ?

Scientists have not been able to come up with a concrete answer to that question since the two quotients are definitely different from each other.

Usage of the Two Quotients

• IQ tests are used by educators in choosing the right pace for their students’ lessons.
• EQ tests are also used by educators in helping their students to interact more with their other classmates.
• Most of the time, EQ tests are used by employers as well in determining the social skills and emotion management of their applicants

Other Quotients

A few experts believe that other quotients should be considered too aside from the well known intelligence and emotional quotients. Multiple intelligences which pertain to body awareness, spatial relations and language exist and they are expected to be measured with the use of different techniques.

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