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Can you record police with your camera phone when they are making an arrest?

In the U.S., are you allowed to legally record police arrests on your camera/ camera phone

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"Technically, so long as a person isn't physically interfering with an on-duty police officer, it's legal to record the officer in every state but Massachusetts and Illinois. Arrests still happen in other states, but there's little legal justification for them, and the charges are usually dropped, or never filed at all."
Woman Could Get 15 Years for Recording Cops After One Of Them Allegedly Assaulted Her

A case that went to the Appeals Court found that "Arresting Guy For Filming Cops Was A Clear Violation Of Both 1st & 4th Amendments".

While this case isn't over yet, it's still a huge victory for those arrested by police for filming them in action. It suggests such people can bring charges against the police for civil rights violations in taking away their First Amendment rights. A tremendous ruling all around.

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