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What does "On FedEx vehicle for delivery" mean?

What does the FedEx tracking statement "On FedEx vehicle for delivery" mean?   My fedex package has an estimated delivery of at 8:00 pm this evening.  Will the package actually be delivered today or will it take another day for it to be delivered on my door step?

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"On FedEx vehicle for delivery" will typically mean that the package is going to be delivered to you that day. It's like saying the package is out for delivery.

Here's a sample of a FedEx package Tracking History:

- 2/10/2014 - Monday

4:56 pm Delivered PENFIELD, NY
Left at front door. Package delivered to recipient address - release authorized

8:08 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery ROCHESTER, NY

7:28 am At local FedEx facility ROCHESTER, NY

- 2/08/2014 - Saturday
9:33 pm At destination sort facility ROCHESTER, NY

- 2/07/2014 - Friday
5:08 pm Departed FedEx location INDIANAPOLIS, IN

7:44 am Arrived at FedEx location INDIANAPOLIS, IN

- 2/06/2014 - Thursday
9:31 pm Left FedEx origin facility CHICAGO, IL

3:17 pm Picked up CHICAGO, IL

10:45 am Shipment information sent to FedEx


It means you have a slightly better chance today of getting your package today than you have of winning the lottery.


it was loaded onto a fedex truck or van and it wil come today


My package has been stated as " on vehicle and out for delivery " for 2 days and I still don't have it! I'm getting ticked off!

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