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What happens during Energy Transformation?

What exactly occurs during Energy Transformation?

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What is Energy Transformation?

• In this method, energy takes a different form.
• It can occur within the human body or around its environment.
• It basically happens everywhere.
• It is an essential part of the world of physical sciences.

Examples of Energy Transformation

Potential Energy (Stored Energy) -> Kinetic Energy (Moving Energy) or Vice Vers

• Example: the movement of a roller coaster.

Solar Energy -> Electrical Energy

• Example: solar panels

Wind Energy -> Mechanical Energy -> Electrical Energy

• Example: As the turbine blades of windmills start to move, wind energy is being transformed into mechanical energy and further developed into electrical energy

Chemical Energy -> Light Energy

• Light energy is also referred as electromagnetic radiation.
• Example: opening a light bulb

Chemical Energy -> Mechanical Energy

• Mechanical energy is another form of thermal and chemical energy.
• This type of energy transformation happens inside a car engine. This equipment moves and turns the chemical energy in oxygen and gas into mechanical energy.
• It occurs whenever we eat any kind of food too. Inside our body, our food gets digested, its chemical bonds break down and turn into mechanical energy.

What Usually Happens During Energy Transformation?

• The partial lost of energy in the form of heat.
• Examples: the heat produced in equipments such as laptops, computers and even in vehicles such as cars which make them susceptible to future damage.

What is Energy Conversion Efficiency?

• The capacity of a system or equipment to perform energy transformation.
• It differs from one system to another.
• Examples: 10-50 percent conversion efficiency – combustion engines
90 percent conversion efficiency – water turbines

Physics and engineering are two fields which work hand in hand in developing new equipments which can carry high levels of energy conversion efficiency.

this is wrong!!


Heat is reabsorbed by the heated object or heat is absorbed by the surrounding environment .

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