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What's the difference between Sunni and Wahabi?

How are Sunni and Wahabi different?

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The Sunni and Wahabi may look and feel similar to other people but these two congregations have a large difference when it comes to beliefs, rituals, and practices. Let us learn more about these two sects by defining how different they are from each other.

The Sunni Muslims composed of more than 90% of the Muslim population all over the world. Since they are the majority, their practices have influenced a lot of Islamic religions across the globe. One key definition of Sunni is the role that the Prophet Muhammad plays in the religion. Sunnis worship the prophet as a holy being with special practices and celebrations for his birthday and death. They call this the Meelaad. They believe that the prophet lives among the people or is a Nur, which means that his spirit can be intercede with their prayers to Allah.

Aside from the prophet, the Sunni believed in saints or they called it as Sufi and still celebrated their birthdays and commemorate their deaths as holy as they can. This congregation also has the Four Imams of Fiqah which are the Islamic laws that are rooted deeply into the heart of the religion. These laws are Malakii, Hanfi, Hanbli, and Shaafeyii.

The women in Sunni Muslims are treated as equals among men as what is being taught in the Islamic religion. They can work side by side with men and are treated with equal respect. The Sunnis love dancing, music, and many other joyful celebrations.

The Wahabi Muslims strongly believed in the opposite of what the Sunnis believed. First, Wahabi Muslims only regarded Prophet Muhammad as a mere human being, without any special regard. They are completely opposed to the special rituals and practices being done by the Sunnis to praise the prophet and saints as holy. They believed that these practices are unlawful and polytheist as well as very sinful and Allah doesn’t approve of it.

The Wahabi do not follow the 4 Islamic Laws unlike the Sunnis, however, the Wahabi Muslims have their own teachings which is based on their new orthodox Islam that has been founded by Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab in Arabia. This sect regards women as a lesser being. They don’t approve the women to work as equally as with men and they believed that women do not have the same rights and privileges as with men. That is why their women cannot drive a car, work professionally, and even cover their whole bodies with an abayaa.

Lastly, Wahabi are strongly opposed to the worldly pleasures such as music, dancing, festivities, and even television. They do not allow living things to be drawn or taken a photo since they believed this is an unlawful act against living souls.

The Sunnis love dancing, music - this is wrong

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