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Are All Great Artists Crazy in the Head?

Decoding an Artist’s Mind. Are All Genius Artists Crazy?

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Some artists have a lot of crazy ideas that the public have perceived them as such. Their minds are just too creative and imaginative that people who don’t understand them would often think that they do suffer from mental illness. Unfortunately, studies have shown that quite a large number of the best artists from the past and present are suffering from mental illnesses. Their mental state however, has helped them create ideas and be the best in their craft.

An artist oftentimes sees himself or herself different from other people. They have different views and ideas on a common topic where “normal” people see it differently. They have a great abstract mind that oftentimes annoy people who don’t share their common passion. Their “craziness” has led them to perceive things differently from the normal people around them.

Depression is the most common thing that “crazy” artists have. Because of depression, writers such as Virginia Wolf, Charles Dickens, Tennessee Williams, Sylvia Plath, Leo Tolston, and many others have written magnificent pieces that inspire readers all over the globe. Unfortunately, because of depression too, some of the writers, such as Plath, took their own lives. Some of the visual artists also share their own issues with depression. These include Paul Gauguin and even Michelangelo. Alcoholism and drugs also have played a great role in the minds of these great artists.

The works that you have been enjoying now, whether from the artists of the past or the current generation we have may probably come from and was created while they were in their depressive state. Their emotional state has lead them to express what they are going through by using their forte as a medium of expression and all of them were very good in doing such. Fortunately, not all artists are insane. Some are just very great in imagination and has amazing skills that put is in awe with their creations.

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