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What is a Dream Catcher?

What is the meaning of a dream catcher? Can I make a dream catcher?

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The Legend of Dream Catchers

The Native Americans have a belief that there is a way to prevent bad dreams from entering into the dream timeline. That is why they have created dream catchers, a handcrafted hanging web that filters the dreams and prevents them from entering into the dreamer. The dream catcher is made from willow hoops and sinew webs that are formed into a web with an eight-pointed design that symbolizes the female energy of wisdom, learning, and creativity which is the spider. Feathers, often three pieces are used, are hanged below the web. Sometimes, additional charms and crystals are also added to strengthen the protection for the dreamer. Dream catchers cannot last long and are often replaced yearly as the child or the dreamer grows. Oftentimes, tribes hang dream catchers on the crib or just above the bed.

According to the legends from the Native American tribes, dream catchers functions as a filtering device. The bad dreams are trapped in the web while the good dreams are allowed to pass through the whole and enter into the dreamer. Aside from dreams, important messages can pass through the dream catchers while the dreamer is asleep.

Some of the legends believed that dream catchers not only functions as a filter for dreams and messages but they also serve a great purpose to the dreamer’s life. The Lakota legends believed that the Great Spirit plays a great role in the success of one’s life and often times, negative forces block the path of the Great Spirit. That is why dream catchers are also used as a totem to evade negative forces and allow the Great Spirit to join with the person and guide him or her on the path to life. Dream catchers also can serve as a protection for the home against evil spirits lurking around.

Now, dream catchers are still being used today. Not because of their belief to the dream catchers but because of the native design making it a perfect piece in the bedroom. Sizes range from small to the biggest web. They are often available in decorative and antique shops.

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