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Tips for Getting High Scores in Scrabble?

What are some tips to get Higher Scores in the board game Scrabble?

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Typical Scrabble players often thought that the only way to win a Scrabble game is to have a wide vocabulary, most especially those with the longest of words. Little do they know that winning a Scrabble game entails more than just that. Like any other mind games, Scrabble players need to have good tactics in playing the game. Even a two-letter word would put one player high above others.

Learn the Hooks

One basic tip to win this game is to learn more about hooks. With this strategy, you will be able to create words that would give high scores easily. Even one letter can put you on top of this game if you know how to determine hooks in the board.

Be Familiar with Words

Of course, this is a word game. What else do we want to familiarize with? To make the game easy and get longer words, Scrabble experts says that memorizing words that end with “tion,” “iest,” “ies,” “ing,” and “ier” would definitely help a lot in creating words that would score up in the board. Words ending in these syllables are said to be perfect in forming bingos in Scrabble board.

Some experts would say that memorizing two-letter words would often give you a chance to score bigger in the game. That can be very helpful as long as you always have a strategy in mind. Since this is a puzzle game, your opponent’s moves might make or break your chances of winning the game.

Make Use of Combinations

Combination words are indeed helpful. If you know one word that can be turned into several words, then that’s already a big help in the game. Aside from that, creating bingos with these words would often put you to the top spot. Different players use different strategies that work perfectly for them. The key is to work on the perfect timing and be always ready with your words.

What I suggest is playing this little game that I am pretty certain I invented. It is called "random dictionary search." You are going to need an actual book for this one... No online stuff. You sit down with your ten-pound webster and you flip the pages as if flipping a picture flip book (the kind where you make the person move by flipping the pages) and out of nowhere you smack your finger down and whatever word your finger lands on you read and commit to memory. Have fun!!!!!

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