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What's the difference between Flora and Fauna?

How do Flora and Fauna differ?

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What is Flora and Fauna?

• It is a collective term describing the plant and wildlife of a certain period of time or region. The region being referred in the term can be any place in the world that has the presence of plants and animals at the same time.
• Flora pertains to a plant while fauna is used to describe wildlife. These two terms can never be interchanged so make sure that you use them correctly.
• For instance, the term can refer to the vegetation and groups of birds in a particular region. As mentioned above, you are in full control in deciding which region to choose for your biological statements.
• It is a term that is often used in biology and is usually encountered by people who study the biological aspect of the world.
• It can also describe the relationship of the region’s wildlife and plants with one another and their preferred breeding or populating methods.

What Fauna Technically Means

• It refers to a Roman spirit, Fauna who takes care of the plains and forest.
• It came from a Latin word as well.
• It describes animals in a particular place or period of time.

What Flora Technically Means

• The word is simply the root word for floral which refers to flowers.
• It describes bacteria or plant species.
• It came from a Latin word describing Flora who is the goddess of flowers.

Why do environmentalists and biologists conduct research about the flora and fauna of a particular region?

• to improve scientific knowledge in the field of biology
• to enhance the world’s biodiversity as well.
• to further conserve and preserve the plants and wildlife in a certain region
• to assist organizations such as FFI or Fauna and Flora International

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