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What is the difference between Satan and Lucifer?

What Makes Satan Different From Lucifer?

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Do you think that Satan and Lucifer refer to the same entity? Well, think again. They may often be interchangeably used by many people but you have to know they are completely different from one another. Why are we saying that? Read this short article for you to know the reason why.

Who is Satan?

• He is the devil who tempts individuals to commit sin and turn away from God.
• He resists all of the goodness in this world. He believes that everyone is evil and he would do everything to prove that.
• He has no physical body like us human beings.
• He is one of the spirits that are said to be lurking below heaven.
• He has been in the world of Spirits for over 600 decades. Thus, no human being has ever laid one’s eyes on him.
• He is said to live between heaven and earth but no one is able to tell his exact territory.
• However, some prophecies state that he will show himself to everyone in the future and get God’s throne by making people look up to him as the “Beast”. Nevertheless, his revelation is uncertain as our future.
• Satan is Lucifer’s other personality when he was sent to the earth by God for committing a sin. However, that doesn’t make them as one entity.

Who is Lucifer?

• He is not the evil counterpart of God. He is not a celestial being.
• Lucifer is God’s angel whom He even considered as His greatest servant. In fact, he shared the same position in heaven with Michael the Archangel.
• However, he began to value his pride and ego more. That’s the reason why he was sent to the earth as his punishment.
• Lucifer has a physical form.

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