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Are Wizards and Warlocks Different From Each Other?

Is a wizard different from a warlock?

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Wizard and warlock are terms given to any guy who practices magic. However, these two words can mean differently especially when you’re having a conversation with someone who perceives these two terms in a varied manner.

What is a Wizard?

• It is a term which means “wise” in the Middle English vocabulary.
• It is a considered as an alchemist as well.
• It is a character than often helps the main actors in fictional stories with one’s sound advice.
• It usually serves as their guide for their mission.
• Overall, wizards are seen as kind individuals with solid moral values who wouldn’t do anything to harm the lead actors.

What is a Warlock?

• It is a term that means “oath breaker” or waerloga in Old English.
• It a word that was first used years before the term “wizard”.
• It referred to a male witch during the medieval period. Thus, the word was greatly associated with the world of witchcraft during that era.
• Warlocks were lesser in number compared to witches during that time as well for some of them were killed for their practice.
• Warlocks seem to know more about magic compared to wizards.
• In a few instances, this character is given the role of a villain who corrupts the minds of the lead actors.
• The Wican community has a few members who find the word “warlock” to be very offensive. This is because the term refers to someone who has violated the rules of the community. Vows and oaths are things that are very scared to a Wiccan. Thus, you can only imagine their reaction if you describe them as a warlock accidentally. However, most of them will forgive you for doing so since you didn’t grew up in their community in the first place.

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