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What Makes 'Race' Different From 'Ethnicity'?

How is "Race" different from "Ethnicity

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What is Race?

• It is what defines your physical attributes. This includes inborn illnesses, the color of your hair, eyes and skin. Thus, your appearance greatly depends on the race of your parents.
• A person can never hide one’s race nor can he or she modify it. It is something that you automatically acquire on the day you were born just like your father, mother and your other siblings.
• It is not affected by the influence and culture of other nations. Thus, it is one of the most permanent things in your life.
• Race is what makes a region different from another. It explains why Asian people have a darker skin complexion compared to the people living in the western countries.
• It helps people know of your origin even if you act differently and have already acquired the customs of individuals from another county so you should never be ashamed of your race. You owe your identity to the place where you came from.

What is Ethnicity?

• It is the term that defines the customs, acquired behavior, tradition and culture of a particular person. It also covers the beliefs of an individual.
• It lets you see the “roots” of an individual and know more about the place where he or she grew up.
• It’s more than the race of a person. It simply doesn’t refer to one’s physical appearance. It lets you see someone’s personality.
• It allows people to grow for they are allowed to follow another culture’s beliefs in order for them to belong in that certain community. This is something that is not applicable if we talk about a person’s race. Thus, you can modify your ethnicity of follow someone else’s by believing in the things which define who they are as individuals.

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