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Difference between "Information" and "Data"?

What Makes Information Different From Data? Difference between "Information" and "Data"?

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What is Information?

• It is a word which has a Latin origin.
• It came from the verb informare which means ‘to teach’.
• It answers the questions how, what, why, when, which and who.
• It is a concept which has a lot of uses.
• It is any form of understanding which can be shared between individuals.
• It can be a form of instruction, knowledge, representation, perception or mental stimulus.
• It provides “shape” to an act or an idea.
• It came from data.
• Basically, it is the output of data after being processed.
• It is a conclusion that has undergone thorough investigation, effective communication and accurate analysis of the data.
• It is the meaningful form of data.
• It is a collection of data.
• It is a higher form of knowledge compared to data. That is because it already provides more details about the data that was given.
• Examples of information are the following: concepts, things, facts or any subject that is related to the information that is being used.

What is Data?

• It is the plural form of the word datum which is a Latin word.
• Datum means ‘to provide’.
• It is the lowest raw or abstract input that needs to be arranged, processed or collated by an individual or a system in order for it to become an essential output.
• Unless data is converted into information, it has no importance in any field.
• It is the outcome of observations and recordings.
• It is the representation of attributes which have something to do with quality and number and which also refer to variables.
• Examples of data are the following: temperature of a certain area, numbers, pictures, characters, symbols, statistics, analysis and facts.

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