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Is it really possible to Mail a Coconut?

Are you really allowed to mail a Coconut?

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The Truth about Mailing a Coconut

• It may sound unbelievable but yes, this is truly possible.
• It doesn’t matter where you got your coconut. You may have just picked it from a tree or bought from a grocery store. That detail is insignificant. Just bring your coconut to a postal office and have it delivered in any part of the country.
• This privilege is given by the USPS or United States Postal Service to any US citizen.
• In fact, additional packaging in not needed for any coconut delivery. You don’t have to go through all the trouble of looking for a box that can contain it.
• We should thank the Hawaiian tourist trade for this privilege. Coconuts certainly serve as better souvenirs compared to the standard postcard. They can be painted with old Hawaiian art or even with the tourist spots which can be seen in Hawaii. USPS Hawaiian branches are already used to this unusual kind of trade.
• One just needs to follow the standard procedure in order to mail a coconut.
• This is because an inspector in a postal office can easily check a coconut and it’s something that can’t be used for illegal transactions.
• Your coconut just needs to have enough postage and the correct address of your recipient for it to be successfully delivered.
• You are free to deliver your coconut from any part of the United States. You may get raised eyebrows from postal employees who are not from Hawaii but who cares? You are simply taking advantage of a privilege that is available for all US citizens. It’s completely legal to mail coconuts and let those employees just do their job and carry your coconuts around.
• Mailed coconuts are simply the most exciting gift that you can give to anyone.

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