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What Do Recurring Dreams Mean?

What is the Meaning of Recurring Dreams?

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Dreams usually occur when one is under deep and sound sleep. In the middle of the night, you may have a dream that you have experienced before. Reports have been made that recurring dreams may mean that your mind has been constantly thinking of a particular person, thing, place, event or phenomenon.

Experts say that recurring dreams signify that your mind has been thinking of unsolved problems or past issues in life. In this subconscious state, stress is managed in an unusual way. In your mind, many issues still concern you—you want them to end, but you do not know how to handle them. When sleeping, though, your mind does not stop working. Problems concerning health, family, romance, finance, career, work, education and many others still leave a mark even while you are asleep.

Studies have shown that recurring dreams symbolize what you worry or think about the most. Soon-to-be-moms usually dream of future happenings with their babies. If you are excited to meet a person, he or she may appear in your dreams, but may be disguised as a different being. If you are excited for a future event, your dreams may appear fun and happy; otherwise, if you are anxious about a certain situation, you may well experience a nightmare. Your conscious mind acts on what you are highly anxious or anticipated about, and these thoughts and ideas work their way into your subconscious.

Some recurring dreams can be advantageous. In dreams, you may encounter a recurring symbol that plays a major role in your personal life. At first, you may not know what the symbol means to you, but you can try to find out. Research suggests that recurring items may symbolize something essential to your thoughts or feelings. It is good to think of what the symbol may represent, and know its significance in your life.

When you wake up, it is recommended to make notes about your dream while the details are still fresh. As minutes, hours and days pass, it would be impossible to remember every aspect or element in your dream. Keeping a dream journal will help you spot similarities, so that you can properly interpret them later on.

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