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What is Sound Energy?

Basics of Sound Energy

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When we talk of energy, sound is often not the thing we picture into our mind, probably because most of us think of energy as something that is huge. First, let us define energy. Energy is the product of force exerted which in turn can cause change in a system. Sound can still cause change but its effects are very small, nevertheless, it is still considered energy. The change it can cause is often seen or felt through vibration, unlike in other forms of energy wherein its changes can cause chemical or physical effect.

The unit of measurement to determine sound energy is measured in decibels and pascals. These units will measure the pressure and intensity of the energy being produce by the sound. The energy they produce, especially the smaller ones can only be perceived through hearing while the bigger energy produced can be perceived through vibrations. One should not underestimate the energy produced by the sound because even though it is relatively small, it still can produce enough energy to cause physical pain or the “threshold of pain” which is felt at 100 pascals of pressure with 135 decibels.

The ears are the receptors of the sound energy. Its structure is made duly so that it can hear the energy being produced. The wide outer part of the ear is in perfect shape to collect sound vibration from its environment. Then, the energy is amplified as it passes through the ears and hit the eardrum which in turn transports the sound to the inner ear. Once it is in the inner ear, the sound energy can now be heard and interpreted.

Sound energy is very useful to animals most especially those who depend on the sound and its vibrations to hunt and survive. No matter how small the energy the sound can produce, it can still create changes in the system.

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