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Does Breaking a Mirror Bring Bad Luck?

Is it true that Breaking a Mirror will bring 7 Years of Bad Luck?

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The belief that bad things will happen to a person who has broken a mirror is common in different countries. The superstition states that when one breaks a mirror, he or she will experience 7 years of bad luck. However, there are ways of countering the bad karma that will hound you. It might entail you getting a bit grimy or wet, but it’s better than enduring 7 years of random annoyances.

The superstition started during the time of the Romans. They were the first to discover how to make glass mirrors and they imbued some illogical beliefs on their creation. The Romans believed that a mirror can absorb some part of a person’s soul and if the reflection was distorted, it meant that the soul would become corrupted. This belief is also prevalent in African, Chinese, Geek and Indian cultures.

The superstition takes a dark turn when a mirror is broken. For a person to break a mirror, it would mean that his or her soul would be trapped inside the mirror. In essence, to break a mirror would mean breaking your soul, which would inevitably result in a broken body or bad health, as it were. There’s also a belief among the Romans that their bodies renewed themselves every seven years. This explains the 7 years of bad luck as they believed it would also take 7 years for the soul to restore itself. But until those years are up, a person who breaks a mirror would be cursed with ill luck because his or her soul isn’t healthy enough to fight bad spirits.

Luckily, it’s not the end of the world for mirror breakers. Instead of just lying down and surrendering, they can try and fight this bad juju. One way of doing this would be to ground the whole mirror into fine powder. Since there’s no reflection, then there’s no bad luck. Or he or she can wait for a full moon and then bury the pieces of the broken mirror under a tree. In Africa, they believe that placing pieces of the mirror in a river that’s flowing south will wash away the bad luck.

However, if you really are such a klutz that you break a mirror accidentally, it would be better if your first concern isn’t about the bad luck that will hound you but the slivers that would cut you open. Try wrapping some adhesive tape around the frame to keep the pieces in place. Never touch the glass shards without making sure your hands or feet are protected. Always report any damage you might have accidentally done to a mirror in a public area. Report it to the proper authorities to prevent more accidents from happening.

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