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How is a Theory Different From a Fact?

What are the differences between a Theory and a Fact?

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What is a Theory?

• It is something that appears to be true and is assumed that way regardless whether the evidences provided are completely concrete or not. A theory doesn’t need absolute truth for it to become one.
• However, a statement can never be considered a theory unless it goes through countless tests to prove its claim. As you can see, a theory is something that didn’t just came out of someone’s mind.
• A theory can consist of mere generalizations and speculations yet it would constantly be presented as the truth. That’s the rule that you have to know if you are planning to be a scientist.
• It is the second step to making a law in the scientific world. So we can say that a theory is a statement that is closer to the truth.
• It holds more truth than a hypothesis. Thus, scientists rely more on theories rather than unproved hypotheses whenever they do their experiments.
• It is a statement that explains an observation although it isn’t the answer to every question.
• It is sometimes unclear. So, it needs to undergo thorough verification for it not to be categorized as an intelligent guess.
• It is vague truth. Thus, it can never be considered as a fact. Always remember that.

What is a Fact?

• It is the real deal. It is more concrete than all the theories which have been formulated by countless scientists.
• It’s a truth that can never be changed. A fact can stay as it is for years and years.
• It states the obvious.
• It’s something that can’t be denied even if the setting of an experiment is altered.
• It pertains to reality.
• It is objective.
• It is a statement that is derived from instant observation.

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