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What the differences between Objectives vs. Goals?

What Makes Objectives Different From Goals?

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What are Objectives?

• They are things that are extremely concrete.
• They can be measured by turning them into a yes or no question.
• Effective objectives usually have timelines which are set by the person who made them.
• They need to be firm in order for an individual to achieve one’s goals.
• Most of the time, objectives are tangible points of view.
• They can be based on the needs of your employees, the budget of your whole company or the deadlines that you have set for a specific project.
• They can involve particular figures, subjects and proper nouns.
• They are attained by doing a list of steps or a particular procedure.
• They are meant to be achieved within short or medium term periods.

What are Goals?

• They are things which have less structure. They don’t need to contain specific names or figures.
• They are described to be nebulous. They are not the most definite things in this world.
• They cannot be measured which makes it hard for you to determine if you have already achieved them or not.
• It is difficult to quantify goals. In fact, they are not required to have timelines because of their nebulous characteristic.
• They tend to be “spur of the moment” situations. You can change your goals any time you want.
• They dictate what your end goal would be. They serve as stepping stones to the greater goal that you want to achieve.
• They make up the things which comprise your whole journey. Thus, they should point you to a particular direction no matter how vague they are.
• They are aims which are meant to be realized within long term periods. You can have one big goal for your whole life.

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