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What is the definition of the American Dream?

Defining the American Dream?

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American dream is a dream not only by the Americans but typically every people around the globe. It entails the ability to live the life each people wanted to have. The origins of where “American dream” came from would date back farther into the 17th century as well as on the 1930s wherein the Great Depression occurred. During these eras, people experienced different difficulties in life yet they chose to have faith and be hopeful that someday, life will be better.

American dream may be too idealistic for some, but the realization of this dream would depend on the person. The typical American dream is to be able to live life to the fullest by being financially free and worry-free. It is a state wherein people work hard each and everyday to avoid poverty. It could also be finding the right person to be with and start a family. It does not necessarily mean that one needs to be wealthy in order to achieve this dream. Being contentedly happy is the core of the American dream.

Some people have already achieved what they wanted in life. Their goal would simply be an improvement from their past life. Probably being able to buy a new car or achieve a healthy life without worries. Poverty as well as loneliness in life is the common things people wanted to avoid. By avoiding these, they have already achieved their American dream.

American dream is not as idealistic as it may seem. It is actually very achievable and the goals are realistic. Unlike what other people were thinking, American dream is more of a personal fulfillment rather than financial gain. It is not about gaining much wealth but it is simply avoiding hardships in life and being able to buy the needs and wants. American dream is the dream of everyone.

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