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How are Christians Different From Catholics?

What Makes a Christian Different From a Catholic?

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What is Catholicism?

• It is part of the main Christian faith and it has the highest number of members compared to Protestantism and Lutheranism.
• Catholics follow the teachings of the Bible and they strictly abide by it. They take the end of the world seriously. They also believe in the goodness of everybody.
• Catholics have high respect towards the Pope who is considered as the Roman Catholic Church’s highest spiritual leader and the descendant of St. Peter.
• The followers of Catholicism believe that Mary has experienced divine resurrection. They also believe that she has not committed any sin in her lifetime and that she is the greatest saint because she brought the Savior into this world.
• Catholic followers believe in the 7 holy moments or what are commonly known as sacraments. The 7 sacraments are the following: Anointing of the Sick, Confession/Reconciliation, Ordination, Marriage, Confirmation, Eucharist and Baptism.

What is Christianity?

• Its religious teachings are based on the life of Jesus the Nazarene who is also the Son of God.
• Some Christians recognize Mary as the mother of Jesus but they believe that she is not without sin.
• Some Christians also believe that Mary’s body remained here on earth where it was buried.
• Some of the religion’s followers don’t believe in all the sacraments and in the Pope.
• They talk silently to God which makes holy confessions unnecessary to them.
• Some Christians don’t believe that Jesus saved humankind by dying on the cross.

The Similarity between a Christian and a Catholic

• They both believe in the Holy Trinity which consists of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


• If you are a Catholic, then that automatically makes you a Christian. However, being a Christian doesn’t necessarily make you a Catholic.

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