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What is Chutney?

What is the condiment Chutney used for?

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There are a lot of condiments that will complement our dishes on the table. One of these is called “chutney.” Chutney came from the country of India and was being developed by Western countries. The main ingredients of this recipe are fruits and vegetables, particularly mangoes. It is made by simmering and mashing the ingredients together to form a paste with a consistency of a jelly or salsa.

The good thing about this ingredient is that it can be mixed with a lot of ingredients such as apricots, lime, tomatoes, tamarind, mint, peaches, apples, and many more. Spices are often added to add flavor to the recipe. People in India love spicy foods, so they often add pepper and chili to satisfy their love for spicy food. People can make this recipe in simple form with fewer ingredients or they can experiment with more spices and fruits for newer tastes.

The texture can be varied also. People can create smoother texture or a chunkier one that can be served along with dishes such as meat and vegetables. Almost all types of food are perfect for chutneys. Since people can play along with the recipes, they can compliment meals with chutneys. Smoother and sweeter chutneys are perfect for bread and crackers during snack time. They can add cinnamon for a sweeter aroma as well as tamarind for a sweet and sour taste.

People of all ages love chutney because it is one of the most versatile condiments. From spicy to sweet, or sour, and even salty, anything can be done and added to chutney. The popularity of this recipe has reached worldwide that Westerners developed processed chutney that are packed in cans and ready to eat. Almost all supermarkets and groceries sell canned chutneys with different ingredients available. These canned chutneys are perfect for picnics as well as condiments during a formal dinner.

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