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What is Casein protein?

What is casein protein made from?

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What is Casein?

If this word’s unfamiliar to you yet, then feel free to read further below for you to acquire basic information about this term

Casein is…

• known as caseinogens in most parts of the United Kingdom
• acts like a convenient binding agent in most foods which have phosphoric acid
• mainly a milk component
• a protein which helps strengthen your bones and maintains your energy level
• found in lactose free products as well so you have to know whether you’re lactose tolerant or not. This can prevent you from acquiring all sorts of allergy if casein is not suitable for your skin and body.
• belongs to a group of proteins which has the name phosphoproteins which are really beneficial to your immune system
• doesn’t undergo denaturing (a process in which a protein doesn’t have a normal structure anymore) which makes it a healthier ingredient in cooking recipes
• can either be technical or edible so make sure that you choose the edible one
Technical casein can be found in adhesive, make up products and paints.
Edible casein can be seen in most foods and medicinal pills.
• may cause allergy to certain individuals such as vegetarians who doesn’t know the existence of casein in foods. Thus, if you are on a specific kind of diet, then you have to carefully watch the items that you eat.
• not recommended for patients suffering from autism for their bodies might not be able to break down the protein properly because of their condition. As a result, they can be poisoned by the presence of casein in their body. Thus, if one of your family members has been diagnosed with autism, then you would have to make sure that they don’t get to eat foods which contain casein.

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