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What does Crab Mentality mean?

What is "Crab Mentality"? What does the term, Crab Mentality mean?

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A person who would be described as someone who is selfish basically sums up the ‘Crab Mentality’ definition. Some people have never heard of this term although they have heard of the definition before. This is because this term is usually used with Filipinos. Filipinos have a name for someone with this kind of personality. It is important for someone to understand how their mentality works especially if you are suffering from this, so you can control it.

Someone with crab mentality does not allow another person to get out of the same situation or get ahead. If someone with crab mentality cannot get ahead, neither can someone else. In case you’re still not quite sure, here are some examples to help you understand a bit better:

Examples of someone with Crab Mentality:

  • Not wanting one to pursue their dream because you can’t
  • Not wanting someone to lose weight because you can’t
  • Not wanting someone to get out of a situation because you can’t
  • You are failing college so you don’t want that other person to succeed
  • Trying to keep someone from doing something because you can’t
  • Not wanting someone to reach their lifetime goal because you didn’t
  • The list could go on and on

 In some circumstances, having crab mentality is not a bad thing. However- one needs to learn how to control it. When it comes to someone you love or maybe even a friend, they succeed and you don’t, of course you might be jealous. However, you need to be happy for them. Crab Mentality usually comes about when you are in a competitive kind of environment.

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