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Is there differences between Vampire and Goth Cultures?

Vampire vs. Goth Cultures differences?

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Goth and vampire cultures are two cultures that have been associated with each other. These two are actually different groups that emerged from different societies with different traditions and practices.
Vampires, as we all know, are mythical creatures that thrive in the human blood, or animal blood. Oftentimes, vampires are known to be dead humans who are magically turned into a blood-sucking creature. They have been believed to be present in the world as early as 1734 and until now, their influence still lingers in nightclubs and underworld organizations that tried to follow their footsteps.

Vampires or those who believed and followed this culture often is associated with Victorian fashion, glam, and a hint of punk. Even their music is distinguishably “vampirism” which created a whole new society of modern vampires who exchange blood, has a vampire fashion sense and even tried to get to know more about these mythical creatures.

Goth is a different culture that has said to thrive in 1976 in the regions of Britain. Just like vampirism, they too have their own culture and fashion sense that distinguish them from vampires or from any other cultures. Commonly, a Goth wear black clothes with a hint of leather, heavy and dark make-ups, black lipstick, and an expression that is often associated with depression or agony. They are usually compared with vampires because of the nature of their style which is darkness and horror, but unfortunately, Goth doesn’t want to be associated with the vampires. They have their own music styles and practices although not as clear as with the vampires.

Both Goth and vampires have emerged from cultures that have long been thriving in the communities around the world, particularly in Great Britain. These two cultures, or subcultures as some would say, have created different societies of people with similar interests to the myth, style, and way of life.

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