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Do the Earth's Pole Shift?

Will the Earth's Poles Shift and change from North to South?

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Few people do know that the Earth changes its poles once every thousands of years. On the North and South poles, we have magnetic fields that keep the Earth within its orbit. These fields play a great role in almost all the activities this planet has. Earthquakes, climate change, storms, floods, tidal waves, and even animal migration can be the effect of pole shift.

According to scientists and experts, the Earth shifts its pole at around 4 times in every 1 million years. Some scientists also have other figures to say. Nevertheless, it is already observed that this phenomenon occurs. It was in the year 1950 that the scientists were able to observe such Earth activity by examining sea beds across the mid-Atlantic ridge. In their observation, they found out that magnetic particles are aligning themselves within the Earth’s magnetic field, causing the poles to shift. This occurred while the sea bed was creating new sea crust and pushing out older sea crusts.

If there is an abrupt pole shift in the Earth, the effect will be disastrous and global. Some scientist say that the poles already reversed millions of years ago causing catastrophic events such as volcanic eruptions, flooding, ice melting, and many more. This explanation can actually fill in the gap as to what had transpired in this planet millions of years ago wherein prehistoric creatures walked the Earth.

We may not notice it today but pole shifting is already happening. Scientists explained that the magnetic fields in our poles have decreased significantly at a 10%-15% within 150 years. The weakening of the magnetic poles will cause poles to shift. This may probably explain all the natural catastrophic events that are happening around the globe. But still, scientists are not so sure yet. They are still trying to find more answers to these questions. More research and studies are needed take place before we can fully understand this natural occurrence.

Magnetic Pole shifts will only affect your compass. A total shift of 180 degrees may or may not happen during many more lifetimes or many more "pole shifts"... A shift may mean north will be south, or magnetic north could be in Tahiti. The "earth" doesn't move, only the "magnetic pole" of the earth moves. The magnetic force of the earth produced by the dynamo effect, is why your compass points north.There is nothing in the geographic records that indicate any type of "doomsday scenario" has ever occured as a result. We just studied this in Astronomy last week.

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