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Do Ghosts Really Exist?

Are Ghosts actually real?

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Are Ghosts Real?

• The answer to that question is a definite “NO”.

What are Ghosts?

• supposedly disembodied dead spirits

Why Do People Believe That There are Ghosts?

32 percent of all the adults living in United States believe in the existence of ghosts. Below are their reasons for having such a belief.

• It’s an enjoyable practice.
• Orbs – relics which look like ghosts once captured through videos but these effects can actually be seen in most images.
• Sleep Paralysis – This condition is characterized by the emotion of dread caused by an infrasound which is a sound that can’t be heard but can be felt by the body. Someone who is experiencing sleep paralysis feels an imaginary presence nearby and he or she can’t absolutely move one’s body as one wakes up in the wee hours of the morning.
• Ghosts are part of our culture as humans.
• We tend to see the things that we want to see or confirm bias.
• Ghosts are part of our imagination.
• Ghosts were believed to have the ability to help us talk with our ancestors.
• These entities came to life because we want to further understand life after death.
• Animism – the method of anthropomorphizing non living items.

What Makes Ghosts Unreal?

• Not all people have experienced their presence.
• Ghost stories remain to be all stories.
• There is no existing video that can show the concrete face of a ghost.
• Ghost stories mostly exist in provinces and not in crowded cities.

Software versions which have the capacity to further analyze images and enhanced video cameras are now all available in the market. Thus, we believe that sooner or later, people will have no choice but to face the reality that ghosts don’t really exist.

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