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Are there any differences between Caucasian vs. White?

What Makes a Caucasian Different From a White?

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All about Caucasians

• The word Caucasian was developed in 1880 by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach who is both an anthropologist and a German scientist.
• The term came from a region in the Caucasus Mountains.
• It is actually a ‘younger’ term compared to the word White.
• Caucasians claim to be more superior than the white race.
• When it comes to their physical attributes, they have thinner lips and noses compared to the Whites. Thus, it’s safe to say that Caucasians are generally better looking than the Whites.
• They have a bigger population compared to the latter. If a war would happen between these two races, the Caucasians would probably win.
• They comprise of people living in Ethiopia, India Somalia, Arab and North Africa.
• Caucasians don’t include people who live in South Asia and North Africa because of their darker complexion. Thus, if you have a dark skin tone, then you can never be called a Caucasian.
• A Caucasian may be considered a white for they have more or less the same type of complexion.

All about Whites

• They have an ethnography which is both Roman and Greek. Thus, the term White is centuries older than the term Caucasian.
• The term white refers to people who don’t have a dark complexion. Plus, if you have the standard European look, then you can easily be mistaken as a White.
• The concept of this race came all the way back from the 17th century. Thus, it certainly has a lot of history to tell to its predecessors.
• They have a lighter complexion compared to Caucasians. Their skin tone is already almost similar to the color of the snow.
• They are mostly Europeans and Americans.
• A White can never be a Caucasian.

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