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How Do Cement and Concrete Differ from Each Other?

What are the main Differences Between Concrete and Cement?

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Cement and concrete are two terms that are often used interchangeably. People sometimes also think that these two different things are the same, when in fact, they are completely different. Cement is the binder which is mixed to other construction materials to create a concrete. Looking into this idea, let us discuss further what makes cement and concrete different from each other.

Cement is the gray powder form that is often mixed with water, rocks, sand, and other construction materials which hardens and can be used to build buildings, bridges and other infrastructures. This material is made from silicon, limestone, iron, aluminum, and calcium that act as a binder. Joseph Aspdin discovered that limestone and clay, when heated at a very high temperature creates a mixture that ultimately set to where it is molded. Portland cement is the most popular cement used and it is hydraulic cement that creates a chemical reaction wherein it binds to other materials once water is added into the mixture. How hard the cement can be would also determine how much water was added.

Concrete is the whole construction material that is being used wherein cement is also added. Therefore, there is no concrete if there is no cement added since the cement binds all the materials together to form the concrete. Other materials mixed with cement are rock, sand, calcium chloride, and of course, water. Other materials are also mixed together with the mixture depending on for what purpose it is being made. Usually, only about 10% to 15% of cement in the mixture is being used. Builders use the ration r = 8.33 qH2O / Wc to determine how much cement, sand, water, or rock should be included in the mixture.

The bigger the rock being used, the less water is needed and less cement will be used. However, this can create more durable concrete than using smaller rocks and more water. Oftentimes, durable concrete are being used in skyscrapers, subways, swimming pools, and large buildings.

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