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Can Boric Acid get rid of Fleas?

Can Boric Acid be used as a remedy to kill Fleas?

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Annoying bloodsucking fleas deserve no tiny space at home. They can thrive in the carpet, sofa and bed linen; and they attack dogs, cats and humans too. Just like mosquitoes, fleas are also capable of transmitting diseases since they carry not only viruses and bacteria but also helminthes and protozoans. Flea bite also looked like that of a mosquito bite; it’s itchy and can get swollen for several weeks and would leave unattractive scar.

Pesticide is a common household item used to keep fleas away. It does help but it has several disadvantages. One of the cheapest yet one of the most effective ways to get rid of fleas is the boric acid. It may sound harmful because it’s an acid but boric acid is positively safe to use. Boric acid is a weak acid of Boron and is used as medical treatment for minor wounds, acne and other infection. Not only that, boric acid is also widely used in preservation, lubrication and other industrial processes.

How it works
Application is easy especially that boric acid also comes in powder form. It only has to be placed over infested areas and you have to allow about a week for the fleas to be completely poisoned. When applying boric acid be it for fabrics or pets, it's important to follow application instructions for best results.

Boric acid acts effectively in a way that it dehydrates the fleas and dries them out. Since they are unable to acquire resistance to boric acid, they get suffocated causing their central nervous system to shut down. After that, fleas and its eggs can just be vacuumed in to clean up house fabrics.

Boric acid vs. Pesticide
Compared to the conventional use of pesticide against flea infestation, boric acid offers a lot of advantages rather than disadvantages.
1. Instead of spraying pesticide in a monthly basis, the use of boric acid is inexpensive since its effect can last for a year.
2. Pesticide has unpleasant smell and it poses health hazard to humans. On the contrary, boric acid is odorless and totally safe for humans.
3. Boric acid also comes in powder form making it safe and easy to place on sofa, pillow cases and several other fabrics. This is often not doable with pesticide.

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