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How can I eliminate Houseflies from my house?

How can I totally get rid of House flies for good?

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Houseflies can really spoil your lovely day when they start roaming inside your house and taste every little food particle left. This can make your house dirty and smelly at the same time. One more thing they leave bacteria behind which can spoil your food and can bring sickness to the family. Good thing there are simple and cheap ways you can do to get rid of the houseflies.

Houseflies get attracted to dirty and filthy places around the house therefore if your house is squeaky clean all the time, no houseflies will come to your house. There are natural oils you can use that effectively repel flies and some of these are clove, lemon, basil oil and orange. Always wipe all surfaces and keep them dry all the time. Cover garbage, compost and platters of food on the table. There are baskets especially designed to keep fruits fresh at the same time preventing the flies from getting in. it is also a good idea to install screens on your windows and screen doors to prevent the flies from entering your house.

Repel houseflies naturally with the use of cloves. You can set out oranges and apples with cloves. This does not only make your house smell good and presentable but it will also shoo the flies away. Orange juice with salt is another effective fly deterrent. Flies hate basil so much therefore putting a pot of basil in the window boxes or a patch of basil by the door will effectively eliminate houseflies in your house.

Sometimes after doing all these methods, you may still see some houseflies inside your house especially when it is cold outside or when you have a lot of food inside. The houseflies can be trapped in many ways and one of them is the use of the flypaper. This is a sticky paper which is attractive to flies. They get stuck on the paper until they die. There is other flypaper that comes with fly poison. You can make your own fly trap with the use of a bottle with narrow neck or a jar with a hole in the lid. Put something sweet inside or anything that will attract the flies to crawl in. they won’t be able to crawl out.

This one method is like hitting two birds in one stone. Use carnivorous plants around your house and you can get rid of flies and at the same time beautify your house. These plants look nice and effectively kill flies.

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