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Does Home Depot cut Plywood into smaller sizes that will fit in a car?

Do you know if Home Depot will cut Plywood into smaller size pieces that can fit into the trunk of a car. Because 4'x8' piece of plywood will not fit in my car. I don't need a full size plywood, only need smaller pieces. Will HomeDepot cut down plywood into a smaller sizes?

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Home Depot stores will cut plywood to fit into your car, but will often charge after the 3rd cut. Typically, after the 3rd cut, they will charge $0.50 for each additional cut.

But some stores may not do more than 3 cuts because the store may have a store level policy to not do project cuts. The cuts they make are using saws that will make rough cuts with old/ dull blades (using rough cut blades), so they may not be smooth cuts. The main reason for them cutting wood/plywood is so that it will fit into your car, not to make all the necessary smooth cuts to finish your project.

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