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Does HomeDepot cut Drywall to smaller sizes to fit in car?

I'm wondering if Home Depot will cut Drywall to a smaller size. I can't fit a full 4'x8' piece of dry wall in my car, and just need smaller pieces of drywall to fix a couple holes in my walls. Do Home Depot or Lowe's cut drywall down to a smaller size?

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Yes, both Home Depot and Lowes employees can score / cut drywall for you in the store, before checking out.

You can also do this yourself if you have a utility knife. Just put the Drywall lying down flat on a drywall / plywood cart. Then score one side of the drywall and use the cart's edge to snap the drywall along the scored edge. Then cut the remaining paper on the opposite side to detach the drywall so you'll now have a smaller piece.

Home Depot also has rental trucks available to rent for around $19 for an hour, that will fit plywood, 2x4s and drywall


No they will not. At least not at the one in ofallon Missouri. Argued with them even showed them my Google search that said yes Lowe's and home Depot do but was told no by home Depot in O'Fallon Missouri


Neither cut drywall at Home Depot Downtown Seatlle .

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