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Do Lowes stores cut floor tile?

Can you get Porcelain tile or Ceramic wall tile cut for free at Lowes stores?

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Yes, most Lowes stores will cut floor and wall tile for you, free of charge. Just bring your porcelain tile or ceramic tile to the Flooring department and Lowes has a wet saw that a Lowes employee will use to cut your tile. Just mark out the line you want them to cut on your tile (use pencil to mark line on front of tile, not on back). I think they can only do straight line cuts.

Keep in mind, you may have to purchase the tile from Lowes for them to cut it for you. So just in case, I'd bring your tile purchase receipt with you in case they ask if you bought the tile at Lowes. 

Also keep in mind, that for every 2 tiles that they cut perfect, expect 1 tile to be chipped while they are cutting.  Any chipped tiles essential are useless / worthless.  So if you can, have Lowes cut the tile first before actually buying the tile (just bring a tape measure and mark the tile while at the store if you already have measurements), or have them replace any chipped tile that you've already purchased.  If you've previously purchased the tile, make sure you bring your receipt in case they ask for it while leaving the store.


Will Lowe’s cut marble tile if you didn’t buy it there?

I doubt it, I think they will only cut there own products they sell. I also would not trust them to cut marble. –  Answers  Nov 23rd, 2019 at 10:56 PM


No, they won’t cut it anymore They told me today in Maryland. They won’t even cut what you buy from them. They took the cutter out.

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