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What are Salt Lamps?

What Makes Salt Lamps Special?

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What is a Salt Lamp?

• It is a huge piece of salt (mined) which has a hole where you will able to find a small candle or light bulb.
• It is a beautiful lamp that you can put in your favorite room to give accent to the place.
• It can serve as an alternative to the standard air purifier.
• The salt has origins which can be found in the Himalayas Mountains, central Europe and Russia.
• The mined salt can have a hue starting from pink (dark salmon) to light orange.
• Without the salt in the lamp, the candle or light bulb would be inefficient.
• It produces negative ions which results from the heated mined salt.

What are Negative Ions?

• Negative ions are viewed as healthy ions.
• Air coming from electronic devices, recirculated air and indoor air has minimum negative ion content while air found in rivers, mountains and oceans are the ones which contain a lot of negative ions.
• These facts make salt lamps recommended to be used rather than fluorescent lamps.
• They can be found in ionic air cleaners or purifiers as well.

Disadvantages of Having Less Amount of Negative Ion in the Air

• an air circulation that is not clean at all for negative ions are the only chemicals who have the capacity to bring down airborne pollutants for you not to inhale them
• some allergies for those who are sensitive to unhealthy air
• less concentration for negative ions are said to allow more blood to reach to the brain
• If your workplace has a minimum amount of negative ions, you are expected to experience frequent headaches and you are bound to get tired easily.
• Some health illnesses can also be yours in this scenario.

Note: Bigger mined salts imply more negative ions and a more luxury salt lamp.
A standard workspace is recommended to have salt lamps which give off 'night-light' for better air circulation.

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