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How can I Get Rid of Ants from My House?

How can I oust of Ants out of my home? Any tips for Ousting Ants?

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No matter how many lessons ants had taught everyone in various teamwork or leadership books, these tiny hardworking creatures are still not welcome to anyones household. In your food leftovers or sugary spillovers, they always have an eye for those. If you have been visited by these bothersome intruders, it’s time to strike back without getting chemically armed. Solutions are rather simple, effective and most importantly safe for humans.

It only takes following simple methods to signal the ants to go away and never come back. It has always been the basic to look for the enemy entrance. If you know how they got in, then it should be easy to destroy their gates or whatever was attracting them in order not to allow more troops to get in. Your doors, windows and any possible entrances for ants should not have foods, spillage and other sort of garbage. Chalk would be an exception though. Ants don’t cross chalk lines so you might as well start drawing some lines to block their route.

As a repellent, you can use black pepper, red chili powder, mint and cinnamon – scatter these in your kitchen and wherever needed. These are not only effective but also safe to use as these are non-toxic. It’s also helpful to grow cloves and mint plants in your window ledges. You can also try to sprinkle baby powder; place bay leaves dipped in mint mouth wash in any ant infested areas of your house; or spray a solution of vinegar and water in equal proportion to get rid of ants. Also use Boric Acid in and around the area that the ants are entering your house. Boric acid kills ants, and can be combined with sugar so they bring the deadly boric acid back to the Queen, which will then kill the colony of ants.

Don’t give ants reasons to come inside your house. Ants enter your house to hunt for foods they can save for the rainy days. Thus, keep your food containers closed or covered and all other surfaces cleaned. You don’t have to spray some poison; it’s just a band aid solution and it doesn’t stop them from coming back. Also, you should refrain from killing even a single ant as its smell only attracts more and more ants to rally to the place and carry their dead ally away.

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