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What can I do to Get Husband to help with Chores?

How can I do to get my Husband to contribute more to doing chores around the house?

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You’ve been doing chores all week. But it seems like the pile of dishes in the sink, the laundry in the hamper, and the dirt all over the house come to you like an endless avalanche. You sit and sigh, “I keep on tidying up, but the mess keeps on piling up! I can’t do this alone!” All of a sudden, you remember, “Oh, wait. Don’t I have a husband to help me out with the chores?!” If you often encounter these moments, you are in dire need of a hubby help. Tell him to man up, give him a nudge and follow these tips!

• Talk to him
Men are not mind readers. If it feels like your husband isn’t enthusiastic enough to help around the house, let him know that you need his help. Tell him how it makes you feel when you have to take care of everything to keep the house clean. You may also want to write it down if you can’t explain it verbally. Just make sure to let him know exactly what is expected of him. Encourage, but don’t nag. A negative approach could make him unresponsive.

• Try making a honey-do list
Since men communicate differently as compared to women, they have the tendency to see things in a different way. If you need help, ask him directly. To make it more organized, try making a honey-do list with deadlines included. By doing this, your husband will have less room for procrastination.

• Acknowledge and be thankful
Oftentimes, the help that your husband puts in around the house gets unnoticed. Take a moment to reflect on his contributions and other assistance that he has provided for you. He may have taken out the trash, vacuumed the carpet, changed the oil on the car or completed yard work. Acknowledge these tasks and don’t forget to thank him, reminding him how lucky you are to have such a reliable husband.

• Make sure your expectations aren't too high
If your husband has a regular day job, don’t expect too much from him. He may come home exhausted after a long day and the least that you can do is to be considerate. He may not be able to help around the house, but he is indeed working hard for the family as he earns for a living.

Most husbands are good, hardworking guys who are just not as sensitive to their wives’ household needs. This is probably because most married women come off as experts in household chores, which would often seem as if they don’t need any help. Nevertheless, two heads are better than one. So, the next time your hubby comes home, pop the question: “Are you man enough to do the dishes?”

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