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Why is my Hunter ceiling fan making grinding noise and smelling like plastic burning?

So I have a Hunter ceiling fan that started making a grinding noise off and on. It also has a remote receiver that works randomly. Then just recently, I noticed that while the fan was running, that it started to smell like plastic was burning, so I've since stopped using the fan. Should I replace the fan?

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So if you're Hunter ceiling fan starts making a grinding sound or if you smell smoke (plastic or otherwise), stop using the fan immediately and turn the circuit breaker off to the room that controls the fan.

I had this exact thing happen to my Hunter ceiling fan and ended buying a new fan (thinking the old Hunter fan was going bad). However, after removing the fan and remote control receiver box,  I noticed that the plastic smoke smell was coming from the receiver box connected to the ceiling fan. I took a look inside the receiver box, and sure enough a plastic transistor melted all over the circuit board, causing it to short out. I have a feeling my old fan still works fine, but I had already installed the new fan, so didn't get a chance to test it out. So long story short, if you have a remote control for your fan, check to see if the problem is actually coming from the receiver box for the remote, rather than the fan, as this seems to be a common problem with these Hunter remote receivers.

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