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Is a Cellphone cleaner than a Tiolet seat?

What has less germs on it, a cell phone or a toilet seat?

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Believe it or not toilet seats are typically more than 50 times cleaner than computer keyboards or cell phones. 
The average toilet seat will contain only about 50 harmful bacteria per square inch, while the average phone has more than 25,000 per square inch of bad bacteria. Shockingly a toilet seat ranks the least dirty when compared to 15 common objects found in both the home and office, including items like a desktop keyboard, elevator buttons or kitchen sinks.

Kitchen sponges actually rank among the top dirtiest places to find harmful bacteria in a house, followed by kitchen sinks. While toilet seats and light switches rank low.

In terms of dirtiest items in public shopping cart handles secure a top slot, since many people touch them all the time.  It's not something you want to think about will shopping for groceries, but the shopping cart handles often test positive for blood and juices from meat, fecal matter, urine and human mucus and saliva.

Lastly, money such as dollar bills or coins are especially dirty.  It's said that an average dollar bill can contain more than 100,000 bacteria.

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