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Why aren't you supposed to remove the tag from a Mattress?

Please explain the Mystery Surrounding the Mattress Tag and why you're not supposed to take it off?

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The joke about taking the tag off a mattress has been a long running one and came about because of the warning written on the tags informing people that removing it was a criminal offense. I do remember being scared of getting arrested because of this when I was a child, but the warning tag isn’t actually aimed at mattress owners.

During the early part of the 20th century, consumers were a little anxious about what components were being used for making their beds. The concern was well-founded too as some components used at the time were made from harmful chemicals or fabrics that were conducive to breeding pests like lice. This prompted the government of the USA to require mattress manufacturers to put tags listing the materials used in their product. This way, consumers can choose the best mattress for them and avoid those that use materials that are bad for the health.

This had some drawbacks since sales of some mattresses went down after their materials were listed down and exposed. This eventually led to a new law that not only demanded the placement of tags on the mattresses but for said tags to also be clearly stamped with the order “Do not remove under penalty of law."

Of course, most consumers weren’t aware that the tags and the laws behind it were aimed at mattress dealers and this started the running gag of people having to serve jail time for taking off the mattress tag. During the last decade, the US government amended the law and the message adjusted to clearly state that consumers can take off the tags and not be afraid that the FBI will soon descend upon them.

However, it’s crucial for savvy consumer to still check mattress tags for information. For one thing, it’s easier to make a purchase if one knows what the materials used are. Checking the tags also ensures that you’re buying a brand new mattress and not a pre-owned one.

Despite the warnings to mattress dealers that are stated on the tag, there are admittedly very few states that actually check mattresses to ensure that they do have tags. But as consumers, it’s our responsibility to make our own inspection and make sure that we are choosing a good mattress made from high-grade materials. And once your brand new mattress arrives, you can remove the tags and still enjoy life as a free man or woman.

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