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How are Body Weight and Sleep Schedules related?

Is there any type of relationship between the weight of someone and there sleep schedules?

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Amazingly, there does appear to be evidence from various studies that sleep schedules and the amount of sleep a person gets each night is actually tied to a persons weight.  People who go to bed later a night and wake up later in the day are much more apt to be overweight.  Studies have shown that people who sleep later tend to eat about 250 calories more per day, than those who wake up earlier and late sleepers also eat about half as many fruits and vegetables, and twice the amount of fast food when compared to early risers.

It's been noted that night shift workers are more likely to be obese, have heart problems and other types of disorders than early sleepers/risers.  One likely reason for this may be because early risers are more likely to exercise.

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