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Which is better, Behr Premium Plus paint or Benjamin Moore Ben paint?

Which is better interior paint, Behr Premium Plus paint from Home Depot or Benjamin Moore 'Ben' paint?

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From experience, Benjamin Moore "Ben" paint is much better paint, than Behr Premium Plus paint from Home Depot. The BM 'Ben' paint goes on interior walls much better, coats better and isn't runny like Behr Premium Plus paint.

Keep in mind, when ordering paint:

1) Never order paint online, you'll get better prices locally and will get paint that's mixed better.
2) Always get sample paints first and paint them on your walls to see if you like the color. This will save you countless hours of time and money. It's not fun if you start painting with the wrong color paint. (Paint is usually not returnable)
3) Buy paint from a local paint retailer that is dedicated to selling paint (not a hardware store)

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