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What the Best Ways of Dealing with Noisy Neighbors?

How can I confront my noisy neighbors?

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A typical disadvantage if you live in a neighborhood where people live closely together is the predisposition to noisy neighbors especially for those who share walls, floors or ceilings with other residents in a condo, duplex or apartment. Individual homes are not an exception to this, particularly in areas where a lot of partying happens at night and well into the wee hours of the morning. Dealing with noisy neighbors will require patience and some negotiation skills.

The first approach you might think of is that of reason. Talk directly to your neighbors in a friendly manner as you explain your purpose and politely request for the music to be turned down or for parties to be held a little earlier. Don’t forget to mention that you will be also be happy to ensure that your household will do the same for them.

This might not have the same positive response for everyone. If it does not work, the next thing you can try is to write a letter that describes the scenario in detail. You can skip this step and proceed with notifying the police about the situation if they have responded in a way that can compromise your safety.

Your letter should mention the specific issue you are experiencing and including dates when the noise was worse than usual. If you reside in an apartment or are a member of a homeowners’ association or HOA, you need to confirm noise guidelines being implemented in your neighborhood. This information should be included in your letter to your noisy neighbor together with any city regulations and any other HOA, residential and/or complex rules. Generally, city and town ordinances allow party noise and/or music to a certain level until certain times at night. Inform your neighbors that you would appreciate it if they comply with these ordinances and that you wouldn’t want to end up reporting them to the complex administration or local authorities should they be proven to be non-compliant.

If your neighbors continue to be non-compliant, you can proceed with contacting your landlords or HOA officers and even the police if needed. You can also try to get feedback from other affected neighbors to ensure enough proof of a behavioral pattern to back you up in case you decide to file a lawsuit. In most cases, though, the issue gets resolved when your noisy neighbors feel that you are serious about reporting them to the authorities.

Bear in mind that you can’t get rid of the noise your neighbors are making a hundred percent. Take note that what you consider as noise might not be that bad and might just be caused by your low tolerance for noise.

If after talking to your neighbor and writing them a letter and they still continue to be noisy, don’t retaliate by making excessive noise. The most sensible thing to do is to inform the authorities about the situation. If you try to even the score the wrong way, you might lose your case should the matter be brought to court.

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