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What material gets put down underneath hardwood flooring to reduce moisture?

What is the material paper that is installed on top the sub-floor beneath hardwood floors to prevent moisture vapor and aid in installation the wood flooring?

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Hardwood floor contractor will often use Fortifiber HWD-15 Hardwood Floor Underlayment beneath hardwood flooring.
- Reduces Moisture Related Problems
- Optimum Vapor Permeance
- Excellent Price Performance
- Clean & Easy Installation

"HWD-15 hardwood floor underlayment is an economical and extremely effective Class III moisture vapor retarder specifically designed for optimum performance in wood flooring applications. Consisting of a single layer of kraft paper saturated with asphalt, HWD-15 is a permeable vapor retarder. It reduces vapor flow, without trapping moisture. With little or no asphalt rub-off, HWD-15 is considerably cleaner than other materials, such as roofing felt. It’s also lighter and easier to work with. It aids installation by providing a smoother surface for positioning flooring. Because HWD-15 is thinner, edge laps don’t get in the way during installation of wood strips. It also acts as a “slip sheet” to minimize dust and reduce noise"

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