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How can you stop an icemaker on a GE fridge from overflowing in back with ice water?

I went away for a week and came back to my ice maker not working and an ice flow of water leaking down in the corner of the GE freezer. Some of the water leaked into the fridge itself. How can I stop the icemaker from overflowing with water, and get it working again.

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Ice maker overflows

Water inlet valve & low water pressure from house supply
If you have an ice maker that is overflowing, the first thing to check is the status of the water pressure to the water inlet valve. The water inlet valve requires a minimum pressure of 20 psi to shut off properly and can be checked using a water pressure test gauge. Pressure at a lower amount than this can cause the valve to not fully shut off once the power is disconnected, which results in the water inlet valve leaking water into the ice maker and causing it to overflow. If the pressure is above 20 psi and you are getting an overflow it is recommended to replace the water inlet valve.

Ice maker assembly
If you are experiencing an overflow of water from the ice maker and the water inlet valve and water pressure are functioning normally, the next step would be to replace the complete ice maker assembly. Although a less common cause of this issue, replacing the assembly will correct the leaking problem.
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