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How can a Pisces not take on the moods of others?

I want to know more about this, give me more information.

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If you attribute the behavior to something you can't change (i.e. your sun sign Pisces) than you'll always believe that personality trait as permanent. Try thinking of it without labeling yourself as a Pisces. As an individual, how can you block out negative energy from others? When you feel negativity coming at you, realize that you don't have to take it in. If you can choose to avoid those people altogether, read the book The Law of the Garbage Truck. It's all about turning negative energy into good energy and it will help.

What you have to do is sit down and take a deep breath... then you will concentrate very hard with your eyes shut, you will do this while convincing yourself that you were not actually born a pisces. You will choose a new sign, perhaps aries because they are next in line and quite opposite, plus they are red hot blazen with light, charisma, energy, youth, fire, and fearlessness.

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