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How Can I Block a Phone Number?

How does someone go about blocking a phone number, so that the incoming call does not get through?

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Whatever the reason is that someone needs to block incoming or outgoing calls, there are several ways to block a number that are quick and easy. Due to advanced technology you can usually do this with press of a few buttons on your phone, calling your provider, or doing some online research.

Telemarketers are the most commonly blocked numbers. Now that the National Do Not Call Registry is available to everyone, the majority of them can be blocked. You can register their numbers at the NDNCR website (which is no cost to you).

You can also register a number from a cell phone with the NDNCR. About a month after you register the number the harassing calls should cease to be a problem. The do not call registry is governed by the Federal Trade Commission, who don't appreciate it when the NDNCR is taken advantage of.

Calls from private parties can also be stopped. There's a handy gadget for your landline, if it's called an "Inbound Call Blocker." This lets you specify who you would like to take a call from. Talk to your phone company. Ask if they offer any call screening or blocking options for you. If they do (they may or may not charge a fee for this), you usually just give them the unwanted number, and when that person calls you they get directed to a recorded message or get a busy tone.

Sometimes numbers from a cell phone are harder to block. Get Caller I.D., this may not be the answer you want, but at the current time it may be the best suggestion.

You can also use *67 prior to calling someone. This will block YOUR number from showing on their Caller I.D. All they will be able to see is "Unknown or Private Number." Another way to block an unwanted number is to use *60, then dial the unwanted number. This is another service that a phone company could have a small fee for.

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