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What are the uses of Epsom Salts?

What are Epsom Salts?

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All About Epsom Salts
• They originated from Epsom, England which is the reason why they are called that way.
• They are also popular for the term magnesium sulfate.
• They are known chemically as MgS04-7H2O.
• They are composed of naturally occurring mineral that is present in water
• They are flexible. They serve a lot of purposes inside your home.
• They can serve as your stress reliever. You just have to pour 2 cups of this substance in your bath tub and fill the tub with warm water for you to feel better and temporarily forget all your troubles in life.
• They can make your hair look fresh even if you don’t take a bath. They also make your hair tangle free. They make sure that your hair follicles are clean on the surface.
• They are an essential ingredient in homemade skin masks. They can take out most of the oil from your face. For better results, apply a small amount of dry milk (non-fat), egg and lemon juice together with some Epsom salts.
• They are also great exfoliators. Just create a paste out of them, mix the paste with a small amount of water, apply it to your face and don’t forget to wash your face with clean water afterwards
• They can also make you look better. They can make your skin clearer
• They can heal your wounds too
• They can take care of your small bruises and minor sprains. They can lessen the soreness and swelling of the affected parts of your body after you take an Epsom salt bath. Just make sure that your tub is filled with warm water and that you stay in the tub for only half an hour for better results.
• They are affordable as well. They are not expensive at all
• They can be bought in supermarkets and pharmacies

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